Student Executive Council (SEC)

"Amalgamating ideas, incorporating vision... creating impact" Events: "Xpressions", the annual fest of XIMB sees participation from thousands of students across India; "CSR Summit", a deliberated discussion on 'Responsible Business Behaviour' by champions of CSR corporate, NGOs and politicians.


"Bonding... for life" The link between the institute and its alumni, it also publishes "X-Post", the monthly Alumni Digest which reaches out to the entire Ximbian fraternity. Events: "Sanidhya", the Annual Alumni Meet organized across India offering a platform for all XIMBians to come under one roof and relive old times.


"The face of XIMB" The institute's window to the outside world, it communicates the entire gamut of activities to the outside world.


"One world, all too small for us" The International Relations Committee of XIMB endeavours to provide students a chance to experience the world's best business practices by way of cross-cultural, cross- institutional and cross- situational learning.


"XIMB expresses - through Xpressions" Xpressions is the annual festival organized by the student community of XIMB. A melting pot of the best of brains, talent, guts and attitudes it offers an idyllic blend of fun and frolic amidst a highly charged environment, teeming with zeal and enthusiasm. This much awaited event is a refreshing change for students and offers them a platform to network with peers.

Social Responsibility Cell

"XIMB vows to help build a just and humane society. SRC furthers this cause" SRC is committed to rendering service to the lesser privileged sections of society. The students organize activities ranging from medical and blood camp to visits to orphanages and old age homes, which impresses upon the socially responsible managers, the importance of "giving back to the society".


"Taking Marketing to the masses" The Marketing Association of XIMB undertakes independent consultancy projects on Market Research, Advertising & Promotion Planning, New Product Testing and providing customised marketing solutions to clients which helps in putting theory to practice. Events: Fourth Estate, the media planning game at Xpressions; Brand Storm,the product branding contestMaxinations, the intra-college Marketing festival at XIMB; Mercatique, the National Marketing Summit


"Adding the X-factor to finance" X-FIN, the finance association of XIMB, provides an ideal platform to explore various finance applications through consulting assignments. Events: Dalal Street, an online simulated stock-trading game; Arthashastra and Finomics, panel discussions analysing the Union Budget and current trends in the global scenario; Lucratif, an inter-college portfolio management game; Investors' Club, dedicated for learning on the stock market


"Where IT really matters!!!" It is instrumental in conceptualizing and conducting Systems related activities on campus and its activities spill over from the area of academics into practical training through periodical seminars, talks, lectures and systems games. The online monthly newsletter X-ITe is one the most popular IT related publications across b-schools. Events: Envision, the National IT Summit; Shatranj and Parikrama, games held during Xpressions.


"Inspiring future ideas... " The operations Association of XIMB aims to educate students about the vital role of production and operations management by way of industry tours, paper writing contests, e-discussions, workshops and quizzes. Events: Ashwamedh, an Annual National Seminar in Operations; Nirnay, a Supply Chain Management Game based on real life supply chain modules.


Constrat is the Consulting and Strategy Club of XIMB. It provides a platform for the students, faculty and industry professionals to come together, interact and learn from each other. It aspires to bridge the corporate-academia skill gap specific to the Management Consulting Industry. Events: 'Maven', is the national level B-School case study competition aimed at providing strategy lovers the challenge of solving actual business issues. It aims at finding solutions to the glaring issues in a certain industry.

Cultural Committee

"Beware, as long as you live, of judging people by appearances" - Jean de la Fontaine Indeed! Appearances can be deceptive. Behind the rigour hardened facade of Professional B-school students, there exists a treasure trove of creativity and an expressive mind. X-Stage, the dramatics club of XIMB is living proof of their spirit.


"Adding colour to life " The XIMB chapter of SPICMACAY organizes cultural programmes where renowned dance gurus and musicians from all over India are invited to perform. Apart from enabling students to appreciate this diverse and unique culture, it also gives them a welcome respite from the hectic academic schedule.


"We quiz therefore we are" The Quizzing Association of XIMB is the hub of all quizzing activities on the campus promoting the quizzing culture. Its year-long activities include fortnightly intra college quizzes, a vibrant and active blog and a range of national level quizzes.


SpeakUp is the Oratory club of XIMB. This committee was conceived by our beloved 2012-14 batch and forms the youngest interest committee on campus. SpeakUp provides a podium where one is free to express their views with a likeminded crowd and enjoy a rational discussion with them while constantly honing one’s soft skills.


The Xpressions Steering Committee lives by the motto “Salvation through Celebration”. Xpressions has carved out a name for itself as the biggest B School Festival in East India. From brain racking and intriguing Business Events to Cultural events and the Celebrity Night. You name it and Xpressions offers it. With every passing year the competition gets tougher and so does the event. And at the centre of all the action is XSteC.

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