Placement Process

Pre Placement Talk (PPTS)

Over the years PPTs have been a standard practice to facilitate the company student interaction. PPTs give the corporate an opportunity to present their organization and an opportunity for the student community to learn about the prospects that lie ahead. Standard audio visual facilities, LCD projector, overhead projector (OHP) and TV/VCR and any other special equipment can be made available on campus on request. The campus also has Video Conferencing Facilities. Dates for the PPTs can be obtained from the Placement Office. Distribution of brochures, annual reports, product samples and souvenirs are some of the methods used by companies to enhance brand awareness among the students.

Curriculum Vitae

The Institute has a standard format which the students use for applying to various companies. A company can request the CVs in the Institute's format or any other specific format, in hard or soft copies as desired.


Recruitment Processes would run during the Placement Week. The students rank the companies based on their prior knowledge and the information gained through PPTs. Based on these rankings, the participating companies are allotted day and time slots during which they can commence the recruitment process.

Pre Placement Offers (PPOs)

Of late more and more companies are offering PPOs to summer interns. An exposure of 8 weeks gives both the organization and the student an opportunity to gauge each other's compatibility. Companies could, therefore, consider PPOs and communicate this decision to the Institute before the Placement Week commences. In the event that the company does not have any internal rules governing this process, the students' decision however, will be communicated to the company either after the Placement Week is over or at its assigned time slot during the Placement Week.

Job Offers

A job offer will be considered as valid only if the Placement Office is in receipt of the written communication of the same. Verbal or telephonic offers do not qualify as job offers. Final job offers will be announced to the students only at the allotted day/time slots. Delays in announcing the offers may result in selected candidates being placed in other companies. Appointment letters of the selected students must be sent (in duplicate) to the Placement Office within 20 days of the job offers made on campus. Acceptance signed by the concerned student shall be informed to the companies.

Contact Info
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